Some Saturday Pre-Rain Gym Time
Monday's Swim Report

Monday Morning Slow Poke Swim

Yesterday I didn't do anything but watch tv in bed.  I should have gone on a long run but I didn't.  I am so giving myself and F in my Marathon Training.  Since I had a day off as a recovery day I really thought swimming today would have been a bit easier then it was.  I was tired, groggy and just never seemed to get my act together in the pool.

Warmed Up

450 Some of which I pulled

Then we did 3 Rounds

50 Swordfish Drill

50 Drill (one arm, catch up and finger tip drag)

100 Swim

I skipped the first 50 of swordfish for a pee break.  (500/1,000)

500 Pull (300 DPS / 200 breathing by 50 3/5/any/7)

After that I moved to my own lane as I lapped my lane mate twice in the 500.  (500/1,500)

Main Set:

4x100's on 1:10

take an additional 15 seconds rest

3x100's on 1:15

take an additional 15 seconds rest

2x100's on 1:20

take an additional 15 seconds rest


The point was to get faster in each group of 100's.  That so didn't happen.  My first 100 of the 4x100's I made the interval.  Then after that it was touch and go.  Even the 3 on 1:15 started to become a challenge.  But by the last 100 on it's own I did a 1:06.  Not ground breaking fast but at least I was able to rally from what was becoming a really bad swim set for me.  (1,000/2.500)

50 easy

Stroke Warm Up Set:

25 Kick

50 drill

50 swim

75 kick

I goofed off on this.  Knowing I was going to be swimming some butterfly next I just used this as a resting set.  (200/2,750)

Stroke Set:

100 on 1:30

2x50's on 50

4x25's on 1:35

I did this all fly.  It was okay.  A bit slow and sluggish but this whole workout was just like that.  (400/3,150)

then I did a 50 easy followed by a 200.  The 200 was 25 fast sprint butterfly / 25 easy free for the whole 200.  I liked it.  It was tough but the recovery 25 free really helped me.  After that I swam a 100 warm down.  Total workout was 3,500 yards.  Hopefully by Wednesday I'll be a bit faster.  My arms were killing me this morning and well like I already stated I was groggy.


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