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More Bloggers Run The 2010 LA Marathon

When I decided to make it my New Years / I'm Turning 40 Resolution to run the 2010 Los Angeles Marathon I hit the internet in search or running blogs.  Luckily between that search and twitter I found a few other runners blogging about training for the marathon.  Most of them were fun blogs of casual runners who love to run marathons D6b9eedc4018d6ae_97921611.xlarge  and blog about it.  Since they have posted post-marathon here are some quick links:

Chic Runner chickrunner.com - I didn't find her blog to after running the Los Angeles 13.1.  Doing a quick search for results I found her blog and was drawn to the lady who runs in a pink tutu.  I think next year I'll wear a pink tutu.  

Run Bob Run bobrunner.blogspot.com - Bob's subtitle for his blog is "Confessions of an Semi-Overweight, Middle Aged, Runner and Triathlete."  Whatever the guy kicked my ass by 30 minutes.  Reading his blog about him having "marathon induced insomnia" made me feel better when I couldn't sleep Friday or Saturday night.  

Gymnotes gymnotes.com - I found gymnotes late last week and wish I had found it weeks ago.  Lot's of prep and running day tips.  Plus lots of great pix!  After reading the post about The Blessing Of The Shoes I so regretted not going.

Just Breathe justbreathe.com - I got to admit to being a long term follower of Just Breathe.  Even way back when, August, when running a 10K was a challenge.  It's a great blog about general running.

Dave Travels wonderfulworldofdave.com - Just another great journal with lots of pictures of a regular guy who likes running.  

I know I am missing out on at least 3 other blogs.  Most likely because my RSS Reader is way out of control and they might not have done a post Marathon post.  So in case I missed anyone feel free to comment and ad a link to your blog.  I wanted to post about these runners because by reading these blogs this 1st time marathoner didn't feel so alone in training.  Thanks Runners!  

Oh and that pix ain't me it's Shia Labeouf crossing the finish line at about 4 hours and 35 minutes.


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What a great post! Just one suggestion:If you add some pics, it would be easiler to follow!

YOU MUST RUN IN A PINK TUTU! ha ha ha that is hilarious! :)

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