The Biggest Loser Weekly Roundup
Los Angeles Marathon Expo

Quick Gym Trip

The next few days is all about resting and eating.  The marathon is Sunday so really haven't been doing much. I did decide to his the gym this morning. It felt odd to be Gymrun  running for some reason.  I was half asleep on my way to the gym.  I tossed and turned a lot last night so a bad nights sleep didn't help any.  Once at the gym I only did upper body and left the legs alone. Need the legs for Sunday!  I may hit a swim practice either tonight or tomorrow morning.  Tonight might be better so I can have a few days rest.  But then again I may just say f' it and relax!  

Can't wait for Sunday to be a distant memory.  At least tomorrow I'll do the expo and one thing will be out of the way.  


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