Tuesday's Swim Report & The Biggest Loser Recap
Back In The Pool

Sorta Running Again...

I decided to take a light run to the gym.  It's only 2 miles so I figured it would be a good Tuesrun  thing.  At least that is what I thought before I started to run.  About a block into my run I wanted to turn around and forget about it.  But I didn't and continued to run after I hit the mile mark I felt pretty good.  The blister on my foot didn't feel good but I did.  

At the gym I did my regular routine.  Well not all of it.  I was yawning and just bored so I left.  I started to run back but not all the way.  Did some walking then some running.  I made it a point to run the hill.  So I guess my legs are on the way to recovery!

Also Fitsugar has been having an ongoing contest "Get Fit For 2010".  Basically they've had several small contests that you post your goals, favorite low cal diet snacks and your Standout Moment of Getting Fit.  Since I read the blog I have posted a couple of times into the contest.  Well today I posted My Standout Moment was running the LA Marathon and they featured it on the Fitsugar blog LINK!  That made my day!


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