Tuesday's Swim Report
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Sorta Sprint Workout - Wednesday

I took Tuesday off from swimming hoping that a day off would stop the cramping in my right calf that I've been getting.  So when in bed this morning with the alarm going off I had no excuse not to wake up.  After 15 minutes of battling with the snooze button it was time to wake up.  Even when I got to the pool I had a hard time of waking up. I pretty much goofed off during the 10 minute warm up period.  

Warmed Up

400 Swim

Then we did a warm up set.

200 IM kick (i think or something like that)

100 IM drill

200 IM 25 drill / 25 swim

Then we did a 300 Free Pull.  I went easy during this as I went 4th and I shouldn't have.  Oh well.  It's a warm up.

Then we did a warming up to get the heart rate up.  I don't remember what it was.  It was freestyle.  It was something, then 50's then 25's.  I know it was 3x50's then 4x25's descending 1-3 then an easy 25.  But I think we did something before the 50's or not.  Doh!  

Main Set:

Three Rounds - 1st Free / 2nd Stroke (I did fly) / 3rd Choice (I did fly)

75 Fast (1st round 1:10 / 2nd 1:20 the third round the rest of my lane did free so I told them we could do the faster interval)

3x25's easy (1st round 30 / 2nd round 35)

2x50's Fast (1st round ? / 2nd round 55)

2x50's easy (1st round ? / 2nd round 60)

3x25's FAST (1st round ? / 2nd round 35)

75 easy on 1:40

Since I didn't lead the 1st or 3rd round I have no idea what the interval was.  We had 5 people in our lane today which sucked.  Really at 6am?  Go back to your 7:15 people.  Kidding about that but I loafed a bit at the beginning of workout while warming up.  After that I never did seem to work up any speed.  My 25's fly were off by a second or two from my normal sprint workout time.  Oh well, maybe I'll swim Thursday night to get a hard workout or just wait to Friday morning.  Hopefully we'll be less crowded!

That was 2,950 yards.  The coach gave one last set which was a kick set so I got out.  I don't kick!  Plus after the running yesterday and Sunday I didn't have any calf cramps but my quad's were killing in the butterfly.  Enough was enough.  For today swimming is the only workout planned.  It's all recovery.  Thursday will be weights and running.  It will rain tonight but be sunny tomorrow.  I may make a late start to my gym and running due to the weather.  It may run all weekend which may put off my running.  I'll wait and see.  I will be on Running Alert and be ready to run at first break of the storm!


How I wish I have that stamina to that drills..

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