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Feeling Like A Slug In The Water

Swimming Again.

Another month is coming to a close.  Funny how time flies.  I went to bed somewhat early last night hoping to get a full night sleep in.  But since my cold is lingering around I spent most of the night tossing, turning and coughing.  Finally for the 2nd night in a row I just gave up sleeping and watched some tv.  I've come to realize that watching Law & Order SVU at 4 am is creepy.  Once 5 am rolled around I started to get my swim stuff together.  I figured I'd swim and if I started to cough or felt like crap I could just slow it down or get out.  Luckily today's workout was challenging but not impossible.  I had no speed but at least I stuck it out and finished it.

Since I was even early to the pool I got in and started to warm up right away if not a minute or two early.  I did a 600 mixing it up with some stroke but mostly pulling the whole 600.

We then did a warm up set:

3 Rounds

25 freestyle kick w/o a kickboard on 30

50 freestyle catch up drill on 55 (i think)

75 IM drill (i don't remember the interval)

100 IM swim (hmm...maybe on 1:45) (750/1350)

We then went right into our main set.  It was the perfect set.  It had an easy pattern to follow.  Even the intervals followed a pattern and would square up the clock making it that much easier to keep track.

100 Free on 1:20 (100)

150 Free on 2:00 (250)

200 Free on 2:40 (450)

2x75's Stroke on 1:15 (did backstroke) (600)

100 IM on 2:00.  (had extra rest built in) (700)

150 Free on 2:00 (850)

200 Free on 2:40 (1050)

250 Free on 3:20 (1300)

2x75's Stroke on 1:15 (did backstroke) (1450)

200 IM on 3:00 (1650)

200 Free on 2:40 (1850)

250 Free on 3:20 (2100)

300 Free on 4:00 (2400)

2x75's Stroke on 1:15 (did backstroke) (2550)

300 IM (300/2850)

And that was it.  The freestyle pattern was adding a 50 to the distance and 40 seconds to the interval.  I was slowing up at the end.  I tried to pull it together for the 300 Free but failed.  But from not swimming much and being sick I am glad I was able to stick it out.  I so wanted to stop and give up a few times but I just kept swimming.  I didn't want to finish up with the 300 IM.  I was getting sore and super tired.  But I figured it was only a 300.  This set was 2,850 yards.  Pretty good for a set.  The total yardage today was 4,200 which is damn good for 75 minutes of swimming.  I wish we could get in this much yardage every morning swim.  My only complaint really is with myself in that I wish I wasn't recovering from a cold.  I really enjoyed the set and since it was a simple pattern I think I could have swam it a bit harder.  Next time.


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