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Thursday, March 25, 2010


Grazie per la condivisione vostro articolo. Mi sono davvero divertito. Ho messo un link al mio sito qui in modo che altri possano leggerlo. I miei lettori hanno circa la stessa intérêts. Grazie per la condivisione del bel post mi portano!

Thanks.  I knew I was getting sick since coming home Tuesday night from swim practice.  But yesterday late afternoon I really got hit.  I went to bed hoping I could just sleep it off but around 3am I woke up in full cold!  I will admit after sleeping, lots of tea and some more liquids I feel better than I did last night or this morning.  About to head to the store for chicken soup and more medicine!  It just had to happen on a day when I had two things planned!  Guess that is how it life works!

Feel better fast!

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