More Bloggers Run The 2010 LA Marathon
Sorta Running Again...

Tuesday's Swim Report & The Biggest Loser Recap

The LA Marathon is over so it's time to get back in the pool and turn on the tv to watch The Biggest Loser.  While I was out killing myself running here are all the news that I missed - 

1.  Everything you ever wanted to know about the Blueseventy Carbon RZR Goggles from who break the goggles down piece by piece.

Aquaman_bulge  2.  Gold Medal Mel has a great thread on swimming movies.  Oh and one last thing I want to say thanks to Mel and so many others who tweeted me good luck on my 1st Marathon!  Thanks Mel!

3.  I missed Garret Weber-Gale's Friday Food Fact!  He tells us why we should eat brown rice.  When I eat out I always order brown rice and people think I'm odd but once they taste it and realize it's not only better for you but taste better they are hooked.  Go Brown Rice!  Oh and Congrats to GWG to being appointed to the Texas Governor’s Advisory Council on Physical Fitness!

4.  I love small town newspapers who honor US Master Swimmers so kudos to the Palm Beach Post profile Loring "Snag" Holmes on his entering Palm Beach County Sports Hall of Fame.

5.  Speaking of USMS News the Santa Clarita Valley's The Signal has a post on this past weekend's SPMA SCY swim meet in Santa Clarita.  GO SPMA!

Another LA Marathon comment:  Can I just say that I want to thank the good folks at who volunteered to hand out water, poweraid, banana's, oranges and so much more.  And thank you to the various companies along the way who handed out product.  Especially the fine folks from Sports Chalet who sprayed that magical pixie dust that gave me one of my 2nd winds!   Oh and to the regular folks who just came down at random spots handing out free water, oranges and stuff.  I LOVE LA!  Thank you, thank you, thank you!  

6.  Speaking of the SPMA Santa Clarita SCY swim meet my fellow swim bloggers Tony and Rob have some great posts on it.  Check out Tony's "So, today is the vernal equinox and I cellebrated the event at a swim meet!" LINK and "Most Photos from the Santa Clarita Meet!" LINK.  And Rob's "2010 Santa Clarita Masters SCY Meet Wrap Up" LINK.  Oh and the Rob for tweeting me good luck in my 1st Marathon!  

7.  Congrats to swimmer blogger Alina over at Swimming For ME for her Top 10 in the WORLD FINA 35-39 50 M Freestyle Women Short Course award!  WAHOO!  I bow down to you!  

8.  The folks at The Wobbly Block have "DISCOVERED: Presenter regrets pressing quick release button on Phelps' trouser".

Now for some The Biggest Loser news...

9.  The “Biggest Loser” class is being offered for a limited time only (3/20, 4/10, 5/8) as part of the “Open Door Saturday” promotion offered by 24 Hour Fitness.  The class combines cardio and strength training and is led by certified personal trainers. The exercises are designed to enhance agility, speed, power, strength and quickness.  For more information check out   I wanted to go on the 20th but with the LA Marathon I figured I should rest!  I will be attending the next one of course!

10.  The Baltimore Sun looks at the remaining contestants and calls the Biggest Loser a sob fest.  But in a good way!  And sizes up the last 10.  Oh does this show have to end?  I want it on every week!  Well maybe just Bob can be on my television or bedroom.  Whichever he prefers.  Which I am sure is on the tele.

Disclaimer: None of the companies above provided me with anything.  I just wanted to say thanks to Sports Chalet, Nike, Kswiss and everyone involved or on the sidelines of the 2010 LA Marathon.  Especially that Male GoGo Dancer on the stage in West Hollywood...YUMMY!


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