Tuesday's Swim Report / The Biggest Loser Round Up
Wednesday's Swim Report / Things I Might Have Missed

4,700 Yard Freestyle Workout

Early today I ran the 1.8 miles to the gym before my weight training.  Weight training bores me but I know it's something I gotta do.  Afterward I ran home.  Runnilng to the gym is all downhill which means running home is uphill.

Then this evening I cycled to the pool.  It's a few blocks further from the gym so it's no big deal.  Actually I always feel pretty much awake by the time I get to the pool.  But like running it's all downhill to the pool and uphill after workout to get home.  Hitting the hill on the way home is a bitch but it's worth it.  Making my weak little legs a bit stronger each time up that hill.

Tonight at the pool we had the choice between a stroke workout or a freestyle workout.  I jumped in the fast free lane as did one other swimmer.  Felt bad that some of the other lanes had 5 people in them but oh well.  Pretty much it was the two of us for the whole workout but we did have the wall lane so that sucked.

Warmed up a 400 swim followed by a 100 kick. (500)

We did a short warm up set 3x100's taking 10 seconds rest.  Each 100 was 50 drill / 50 swim.  The drills were one arm, finger tip drag and then catch  up.  (300/800)

Then we went right into 5x200's. 1/3/5 were pulling on 1:35 and 2/4 were swim.   The 3rd one was also breath controll every 3/5/any/7 by 50.  I missed the interval on that one.  I hate breath control.  (1,000/1,800)

We went right into 5x100's pace on 1:15 (500/2,300) The first two felt sorta sluggish but then I found my pace.  I was thinking I was going to fast and feared what was next.

Next up right after that was an 800 FAST for time.  I lead the lane and felt the pressure to keep up a good pace.  Usually when we do a distance for time I look up after each 100 I look up to see the clock to find my pace.  But with the lifeguard stand in the way I could only guess on my pace.  I ended up doing it in 9:36.  (800/3,100)

then a quick pee break and a 50 easy.  (50/3150)

200 rotating 50 fist drill / 50 swim (200/3350)

then 4x25's kick  on 35 (100/3450)

The we did the following 3 times (maybe 4 but lets say 3) -

100 DPS on 1:20

2x50's build on 40

4x25's sprint on 30

we took 20 seconds rest in between each round to square up the clocks (900/4,350)

then we did 12x25's on 30 4 fly / 4 free / 4 back.  I was dying so sprinting wasn't happening for me. (300/4,650)

after i just did a 50 warm down and got out for a total of 4,700 yards.  Funny I started the workout struggling and somehow found my swim mojo!  Glad I stayed and stuck it out.


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