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5,000 Yard Swim N' The Sun

Warmed up the usual 400 swim, 300 pull, 200 kick and 100 swim.  Then went into the main set:

6x50's free swim on 60

4x100 free swim on 1:30

3x200's on 2:40

4x100's in 1:20

6x50's free on 40

I took some extra rest after the 1st rould of 4x100's and after the 3x200's.  The set was 2,000 yards.

then I did a series of kick sets.  I broke up what was going to be 10x100's kick just cuz' kicking is boring.

5x100's kick on 2:05.  I put a 5 in the interval so it was easier to count how many 100's I had done.  Decided to do that when I was going to do all 10.

8x25's kick on 30 2 of each stoke IM order.

1x100 fly kick

1x100 free kick.

So 1,000 kick.   I did this relaxed at the end enjoying the sun.  I did work the 5x100's as I was trying to keep pace with someone swimming in the next lane.

50 easy to get my arms back.

3x300's pull on 4 minutes. 

50 easy.

The workout was 5,000 yards.  I was toying with the idea of staying but I needed food!


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