Monday's Swim Report - Sleeping With The Fishes Edition
I Hate You Attempted Robber!

5,000 Yard Workout

Before hitting the pool I did hit the gym for some weights.  Worked on chest and arms.  I went right from the gym to the pool.  I had planned on hitting the gym early this morning but that didn't happen.  Last night I ate KFC for dinner and well let's just say I spend some time praying to the porcelain god.  So I didn't sleep well after that.  Since the pool and gym are so close to each other I decided to do back to back workouts.  I'll pay for it later.

Warmed Up

400 Swim

300 Pull

200 Kick

100 Swim

During warm up my stomach still felt a bit sour from last night.  Was thinking of giving up and going home.  But I stuck with it and after a few dozen burps I felt better.

Main Set:

4 Rounds - One of each stroke IM Order.  So one round fly, one round back, etc....

100 Kick on 2 mins

75 Swim on 1:15

50 Kick on 60

25 Swim on 30

I took some extra rest and did the set again but a bit different

100 Swim on 1:30

75 Kick on 1:30

50 Swim on 60

25 Kick on 30

Once again one round of each stroke IM Order.  The fly felt pretty good.  Breaststroke was a struggle but it always is.  Had to add some extra rest to the breaststroke intervals.

I then did the entire thing a second time taking some rest in between the rounds.    The entire set was 4,000 yards.  I had the lane to myself for the most part.  Every so often someone would get in my lane but then move over.  When I first got in the pool people had already taken over the fast lanes so I started in the medium lane.  I moved over before I was done with the warm up.  I think it's funny that in both swimming on a team and swimming in lap swims that people really have this thing about swimming in the fast lane.  Like it's so important that they be swimming in the fast lane.  It's all relative and I'm sure they'll be a time when I need to move down but ya know I won't care.  It doesn't really matter to me what the sign says at the end of the lane.  All that matters to me is that I am swimming.  With warm up I swam 5,000 yards today.  


Here is a good 5000 yard workoit
800 swim, 200 kick, 200 IM, 200 pull, 4x50 on 50 seconds build - 1600
20x50 stroke drills, IM order, drill down, swim back on 1:00 - 1000
6x200 free on short-rest interval - 1200
12x50 kick IM order - 600 (Fins optional)
8x50 fast - IM order or choice on longer rest interval - 400
200 ez cool down

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