Final 2009 Short Course Meters Top 10
March Review Mirror: Swimming

Fly-tastic, Well not so Fantastic But It Had Some Fly

It was downright chilly this morning on deck at the pool.  Too cold for this to be my first swim of April!  I jumped in the pool right away and started my warm up.  400 Swim, 300 Pull then got in 150 Kick.  So a good 850 warm up.  I really wasn't feeling it in the water during warm up.  Felt like I was sleep swimming.  Then we did a warm up set with some kick:

Three Rounds

100 Kick

75 Drill

50 Kick

25 Swim

I did the first round butterfly, the second round free and the third round butterfly again.  I figure I need to get some butterfly training in.  (750/1600)  We had intervals but I sorta fudge them to get more rest.  I switched lanes to go in the slower fast lane but after the warm up we ended up swimming the same intervals as the other lane.  I'm sorta glad I sucked it up and did the faster interval but boy am I sore now.  

Then we did one last quick warm up set:

3 Rounds

4x25's on 30 1st one easy free / 2nd one reverse build / 3rd one build / 4th one all fast.  I did the first round fly, second round backstroke and the third round free.  (300/1900)

Main Set:

Four Rounds

100 on 1:30 easy recovery free

100 on 1:30  25 stroke / 75 free

100 on 1:30 50 stroke / 50 free

100 on 1:30 75 stroke / 25 free

100 on 1:30 stroke.

The emphasis was on the stroke  I did the 1st and 4th rounds butterfly for my stroke and the 2nd and 3rd rounds backstroke.  No extra rest in between the rounds but the first 100 recovery free made up for that.  (2000/3900)  I will admit that my times were not that impressive.  It was more an exercise in survival.  I am still coughing a bit when I'm swimming as the last bit of the cold is lingering.  Next week I am going to try to push myself a bit more and may swim a bit more.  


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