Slacking - Recovery Day
Swimming + Crepes = Happy Swimmer

Friday's Swim Report - Full Moon Edition

1.  This week over at the Swim Network's weekly 20 Questions is Ricky Berens.  For most  Ricky_berens_swimsuit  people Beren's is the guy whose tech suit split right in the perfect spot.  

2.  The Swimmers Circle reports that the IOC has given swimming a "second tier" status when it comes to it's revenue sharing structure.  Here are the tiers -

Tier One: track & field, the marathon, and race-walking events

Tier Two: Aquatics, basketball, cycling, football (soccer), gymnastics, tennis, and volleyball

Tier Three: rowing, equestrian, handball and field hockey

Tier Four: boxing, badminton, canoeing, fencing, judo, wrestling, modern pentathlon, table tennis, shooting, archery, weightlifting, sailing, taekwondo and triathlon

Race-walking?  WTF.  And Triathlon being in Tier 4?  I wonder what tier would Beer Pong fall into?

3.  Swim Coach Direct gives a few fast swimming tips in a post called "The Smallest Possible Hole".  Hole.  That word makes me giggle.

4.  Swim Network declared that Aaron Piersol is "The Poseidon of the Pool".

5.  I know I posted this sometime before when it ran in the WaPo but since it got picked up and posted at here it is again "Swimming laps has its own etiquette".

6.  Gold Medal Mel looks at artist Jeannie Maddox and her series of swimming paintings.

7.  The Finis Blog looks at warming down after working out.  Something I always fail to do! 

153c97c72fc8c484_landing  8.  The LA Times and NY Times reports on the death of Olympic Diver Victoria Manalo Draves.  (pictured over to the right)

9.  Over at SCAQ Blog is a Q&A with Bryan Smeltez who is The Vice President of Arena Marketing.  Seems Arena wants back into American waters.  Growing up it seemed that Arena was every where including our team suits.  So when I started up swimming 6 years ago of course I started to look for Arena but didn't find any.  Over time I did find a website to buy a few pairs.  Needless to say I look forward to buying even more Arena swim products.

10.  According to Social Workout "Baby Swimmers are Better at Everything".  It seems some study found that "babies who learn to swim before they're seven months old wind up better at pretty much everything, or at least everything involving balance and coordination".


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