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I Hate You Attempted Robber!

While I was at the gym today someone tried to steal my bike helmet which was locked with my bike.  In the attempt of trying to pull it off the lock the attempted thief ripped the outer plastic shell of the helmet right off.  It just pisses me off!  Now I guess I need to buy a new bike helmet.  Over the years I've gotten use to having various lights stolen off my bike.  Lately I've been using these cheap flashlights I got as a gift.  I just wrap string around them to keep them on the bike.  Figured if someone wanted a .99 cent flashlight they can have it.  The thing about today's attempted theft was that it happened sometime between 10:30am and 11:15am.  It's daytime folks.  On top of that it was the closet bike stand thingy right by the door at the 24 Hour Fitness.  Meaning tons of people coming and going yet the attempted thief didn't care.  I find it amazing how brazen these folks are.  Daylight on a busy street outside a busy gym and yet they tried to steal the helmet.  For all I know they may have been trying to steal the bike.  Damn them!


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