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March Review Mirror: Swimming

Quarter one is over and Spring is just about to arrive and yet I swam less in March then usual.  We've had the warm weather but I was more concerned with training and then running the LA Marathon.  So swimming took a back seat.  I did swim and swam a total of 36,775 yards for the month.  But compared to February when I swam 53,250 and January when I swam 46,750 yards it was almost like not even swimming.  So far for 2010 I have swam 136,775 yards and one LCM workout of 3,150.  

It does seem like we are getting more yardage done in the morning workouts so hopefully April will be a turn around month for me.  I know it's not about the yardage but the quality but I do feel the more I swim the better I feel in the water.  So the more yardage the better.


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