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Monday's Swim Report - Sleeping With The Fishes Edition

Happy Monday!  

1.  Go Swim has a fun video of Olympic Swimmer Eric Shanteau wake surfing in his non swimming time.

2.  The Ryan Lochte Fan Blog has a video of "Ryan's Speech at an International Swim Clinic in Venezuela."  If Phelp's Fans are called Phelp Phan's then are Lochte Fan's called The Jeah's?

3.  Speaking of Phelp Phans the Mphelps Daily has some new photos of Phelps on deck and in the pool.  

4.  Wanna sleep with the fishes?  Well then the Hilton Maldives Resort & SpaConradmaldivesunderwatersuite  Rangali Island has an offer you cant refuse.  Check out the luxist for more info.

5.  The Swimming Workout Wizard gives tips on how to do the rotisserie kick drill.  

6.  Every week the Swimming Science Blog looks at a swimming work records and dissects the race.  This week it's the Men's 200 IM.

7.  South Florida Gay News drops in on Gold Coast Masters which is combination of US Masters Teams of the Hammerheads and the Nadadores.  According to the article this super club "is not only the largest in the state of Florida, but has also garnered the most records, medals and awards than any other Masters swim team in the U.S., gay or straight."

8.  The Sun Journal talks to two 90 year old swimmers Juanita Willard and Irma McQuade.  The story also includes a video of a few other older masters swimmers competing at the Twin Rivers YMCA.

9.  What's the hottest ticket in Irvine this summer?  Well it's not Justin Bieb er or Lady Gaga!  It's swimming!  According to Swimming World "USA Swimming Now Selling Tickets For Pan Pacific Championship".

10.  Did you hear about "The Secret Underwater City In The Heart Of Minnesota"?  The io9 talks about this magical place.


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