Tuesday Night...Meh...Swim.
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Morning Swim Workout

If swimming last night wasn't enough I woke up this morning and decided to swim.  The weather has been mild enough that cycling to the pool in the morning isn't so bad.  Actually it's nice.  Once at the pool I was still half asleep so it took me a bit to wake up.  I did about a 400 warm up just to wake up.  After that we did a few warm up sets.  I just remember them but not the order we did them. 

3x200's Pull Breathing 3/5/ by 50.  One of the coaches gave me a tip about how I should be swimming breath control sets.  But of course when I was in the water today I couldn't remember.  I did it without paddles which seemed to make it worse.  They were to be descended but I just got frustrated about the breathing every 5 that I just did what I had to do to finish it.  Breath control sets is something I need to work on.  Just now I had to pull up the email from the coach who gave me advice.  What I needed to do was relax and slow it down also to relax my arm in it's recovery.  Hopefully now that I've read the email again and typed it myself just now it'll stick in my memory.  If all else fails I'll read his email before the next time I swim. (600/1000)

Then we did some 75's.  Odds 50 drill / 25 swim on 1:15 and evens 25 drill / 50 swim on 1:15. Hmm...I think we did a total 6 or 8.  I didn't do all of them.   I did the first one butterfly and had very little rest and then did the second one backstroke.  Once again with very little rest so I went last and just took ignored the interval and just took like 15 seconds rest in between the 75's.  Let's say I did 4 of them.  (300/1300)

Main Set:

200 Free on 2:40

100 IM on 1:30

3x50's on 50 choice

take 30 seconds rest 

300 Free on 4:00

100 IM on 1:30

3x50's on 50 choice

take 30 seconds rest 

400 Free on 5:20

100 IM on 1:30

3x50's on 50

It was a good set.  The intervals gave us plenty of rest.  Well enough.  The 50's were all choice of stroke and I did backstroke for all of them.  1650 yard set.  In the IM I felt okay in the fly but the breaststroke I just tried to get to the wall.  I felt okay during the distance freestyle although I think I could have gone faster.  The 50's backstroke were all over the place.  I was trying to remember to keep my head back and rotate my axis and kick.  But then I'd try to go fast and it all fell apart.  The last round it was all about speed and just moved my arms like a windmill. (1650/2,950)

We then finished up with 12x25's butterfly.  The intervals were 25/30/35/40 repeat for 3 rounds.  (300/3,250)

In one of my workout posts I rambled on and on about the workout a bit more then usual.  Luckily I was able to get some feedback.  It's interesting how I view a situation as compared to how others view the same situation.  I guess in the past when coaches have given me feedback I've always had an excuse and well was set in my ways.  I think I can sum it up like this "I want to improve my swimming but is can I go an easier route then working on it?"  There was one more thing that dawned on me when I was cycling home but I now can't remember.  Oh well guess I'll save that for another day.


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