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Oh yeah...But Wait There's More

Before swimming today I did another workout.  First I ran the 1.8ish miles to the gym.  Felt sorta crappy.  I really need to get back into running.  After this weekend's swim meet I have no excuses not to run!  

6a00e54f77933e88330120a6f1b436970b-500wi  At the gym I did my regular routine.  Sorta up'ed the weights a bit.  Not a huge amount but still a bit.  Next week I am going to start adding a bit more.  I'm not trying to get big or anything but I know I should be pushing myself a bit more.  I'm also going to hit more 24cycle classes.  I can't remember the last time I went to one.  Of course some of the classes I use to like have been cut out.  Trevor on Tuesday at 6 is gone.  And that girl on Thursday night at 6 is gone.  WTF?  

After that I ran home.  Well mostly ran home.  I gotta admit that I haven't liked my new sneakers from day one and thinking I may have to buy a new pair.  One the left shoe the tongue seems a bit off and rubs me the wrong way.  I noticed it a few times on small runs and it bothered the crap out of me during the first few miles of the marathon.  I'm open to ideas if anyone has any recommendations.  I am flat footed so i think that causes lots of problems.

Today was my last gym visit to Tuesday.  I'll take the weekend off for the swim meet.  And I only go to the gym 3 days a week.  I'm sorta on my old routine from when I first started to workout.  Swim on Mon, Wed and Fri and lift on Tues and Thursday.  The weekends have always been up in the air.  Some weeks lift, others swim and some both.  I gotta admit that I do like lifting in the morning then swimming later on.  I feel sore but stronger in the water after lifting.  Well that is it...


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