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Sunday Is Freestyle

Slappin' The Water

I pretty much used Thursday as a recovery day except for some cycling around town.  I ran a couple of errands but only cycled less then 10 miles total.  Figured it was a little bit of cardio.   After a recovery day I figured this mornings swim would be a good hard swim.  Well with a bad night of not being able to sleep then lots of tossing and turning I spent most of the mornings workout trying to wake up.  Usually the quick cycle ride to the pool wakes me up but not this morning.  Then when I did eventually wake up I had no speed in the water.  I figured at least I got in some cardio even if it was a bad swim for me.

Warmed up about a 500.  It was a very slow 500 stopping almost after every 50.

Then we did a warm up set:

3x100's 50 kick using no board / rotating (basically with arms to our side we were to kick but rotate on our axis.  for some reason I couldn't do this and basically just swam backwards)  the second 50 was catch up drill.  Since I was going backwards I sat out one of the 50 kicks.  (250/750)

3x100's 50 breaststroke kick / 50 breaststroke drill (300/1050)

6x75's  odds - 25  backstroke drill / 50 backstroke swim & evens 25 free drill / 50 freestyle swim all on 1:20 (450/1500)

Main Set:

4x100's free on 1:25

200 free all out on 3:00

3x100's on 1:25

200 free all out on 3:00

and i got out.  we had two fast lanes the other lane did the 100's on 1:20.  Since I was feeling tired I went with the slower interval.  If I had gone on the faster interval I think I would have broken down even sooner then I did.  I had nothing in the 200's.  The first one after about 150 I was out of gas.  I was struggling.  My arms were all over the place.  In the two 200's I did I was hitting people in the next lane with my arms.  That is when I knew my stroke had fallen apart and it was time to get out.  I was going to hurt someone or even myself.  (1100/2600)  The rest of the set was 2x100's, 200, 1x100 and a 200.  When I was dressed and heading out the coach was giving them a 100 fast for time.  So glad I got out.  I would have been broken down and been swimming all over.  One of my swim mates jokingly asked "if i ever swim a full workout anymore" and I got to be honest that I don't think I do.  It's getting easier and easier to get early as it seems more people are of late.  I guess I am just in one really long taper season!


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