Slappin' The Water
Tuesday's Swim Report / The Biggest Loser Round Up

Sunday Is Freestyle

Well not every Sunday but today at swim we did a mostly freestyle workout.  Which turned out to be a good thing.  I didn't know which Joel had shown up for practice till we got to the main set.  Would it be the Joel who can swim and do decent times or would it be that evil Joel from Friday whose stroke fell apart and was having a tough go of making easy intervals.  Luckily the Joel who can swim and push himself to go a bit faster was the one who showed up but he didn't show till he was "forced" to show up.  

Warm Up was the usual 10 minutes.  I did a 750.  I did 200 swim, 200 pull, 100 IM then just swam till we got held up.

After that we had a warm up set.  I don't remember it all.  I know we did the set a few times and it started with a 25 freestyle kick.  We also did some drills: catchup, finger tip drag and fist.  Each round also had a 100 distance per stroke.  Other then that the set has slipped my mind.  Let's say we did it twice.  So that would be at least a 50 kick, 300 in drill work and 200 swim.  (550/1300)  I know it was more then that but whatever.

Then we did 4x50.s  First one reverse build, second one build, third one easy and the last one sprint.  I don't remember the interval.  (200/1500)

Main Set:

This was when I had to put up or shut up.  Well at least move down a lane.  The coach gave us the set and send offs. Then was moved on other swimmer to the lane I was in and said you guys will be 5 seconds faster and then pointed out which parts we would be 5 seconds faster.  WTF?  Ummm...faster lane, me?  Then I went second in the lane so I had to keep up a decent clip since the guy behind me should have been second.  I just wanted to draft off him and hope to make the intervals and the descends.

Four Rounds 

75 on 55

25 on 25

50 on 40

25 on 25

3x100's descend on 1:25.  The 100's had the built in rest as they were the descend portion.  The 75/25/50/25 were to be swam just to make the interval.  We also got extra rest after each round.

That 2nd 25 was always touch and go but then it was the 1st 100 which was to be descended off.  By the third round I was a bit nervous if I would be able to keep it up.  But I was able to tough it out.  Getting past the 75/25/50/25 on the last round was a bit easy at least in my mind.   But those last 3x100's were tough.  The very last was rough but I was able to pull some speed out. (1700/3200)

We then went on to a final set...

20x25's on the following pattern -

1 butterfly kick on your back on 30

1 butterfly swim on 30

1 easy choice on 35

1 fast choice on 35

I did all the fast ones butterfly.  (500/3700)

Then I swam a 100 warm down.  I should have done more but I was beat and just wanted to head home.  Tomorrow it'll be a rainy morning so I plan on skipping swimming.  If the day dries up I may swim at night.  After this week I will swim the meet at UCLA and be done for SCY season.  Yes!  No Nationals for me this year so I can swim for fun.  If I have a bad workout or just don't feel like waking up at 5am to go swimming I don't have to.  I don't plan on taking time off but I will skip workouts from time to time.  Mostly I'd like to work on my stroke technique.  Today I got some great feed back that I want to work on. 

As for the rest of my weekend I skipped the gym this morning.  I woke up and hit snooze a few times and just didn't feel like it.  I attended The Biggest Loser Boot Camp Class yesterday at my local 24 Hour Fitness and I will admit I was hurting this morning.  I was using muscles in different ways then when I swim or run.  The class was fun and I'd like to take more aerobic / boot camp classes.  Just to mix it up from time to time.


How I wish I could swim like you do.. That's a heck of a work out..

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