Wednesday's Swim Report / Things I Might Have Missed
Speedo Welcomes Michael Phelps to Macys Herald Square!

That's Some Fly You Got There

Yesterday's spin / 24cycle class really did a number on my legs.  As soon as I hit the water I knew I was in for some pain.  Luckily the sun came out long enough for me to get in a good afternoon swim and I had my own lane to boot!  Well one guy did swim a 50 with me before moving over.

Warmed Up

400 Swim / 300 Pull / 200 Kick / 100 Swim

I actually did a bit of kicking today!

Two Rounds:

100 freestyle kick on 2 minutes

75 freestyle swim on 60

50 freestyle drill on 60

25 swim on 30

100 butterfly kick on 2 mins

75 butterfly swim on 1:15

50 butterfly drill on 60

25 butterfly swim on 30

100 backstroke kick on 2 mins

75 backstroke swim on 1:15

50 backstroke drill on 60

25 backstroke swim  (1500/2500)

Lots of kicking in that set.  Since the interval was pretty easy I was able to kick that much.  I worked the 75 and 25 swims.  The drills on 60 was time to think about the drills and recover a bit.


100 Butterfly on 1:30

2x50's Butterfly on 60

4x25's Butterfly on 30

take an extra 30 seconds rest

100 Backstroke on 1:30

2x50's Backstroke on 60

4x25's Backstroke on 30

600 Yards so that was 3100 Yards.

I then started another set only not to finish it.  I was tired.  I did a 200 freestyle then another 100 which was 50 fly / 50 free.  The set was 5x200's starting with free and adding a 50 stroke till a full 200 IM.  I just gave up.  So another 300 yards for 3400 yards.  When I added it up in the pool I counted 3500 but that was wrong.   But 3400 yards in about 60 minutes isn't so bad.  

Hopefully the rain won't be so bad tomorrow.  I'd like to get in a swim in.  If not I'll make it up over the weekend.  Maybe get my base lap swims to at least 4,000 yards.  Who knows by next week I may be just watching soaps and eating bon bons.


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