Tuesday's Swim Report & The Biggest Loser Recap
Morning Swim Workout

Tuesday Night...Meh...Swim.

I was going to comment a little bit but I'm too tired and well The Biggest Loser is on.  Here is tonights workout.

warmed up about a 500 or so.  mixed it up with some free and stroke.

200 50 drill /50 swim

500 Pull

then we did this alternating drill / swim thing.  i got out and read the board but then i got back in my lane everyone was asking so many questions about the set and how many times we were doing it that it all slipped out of my mind.  was it 25 drill / 50 swim and repeat to a 600 or was it 50 drill / 25 swim or do we start with the swim or the drill.  I tried looking at what people in my lane and the other lane were doing but it seemed everyone was doing something different.  so i got in a 500 out of what was to be a 600.  So so far 1,700 yards.

Then we did 3x200's descend.  First one on 2:40 and the 2nd on on 2:30.  So 2,300 yards. I actually felt pretty good in these.  First time in a few weeks.

I think up next was three rounds of 4x50's free fast on 45 take an extra 15 seconds then 4x25's stroke on 30 with no extra rest between the 25's and 50's.  3,200 yards and it was now 8:15 or 75 minutes into the workout.  This is when I got out.  Not a lot of yardage for the amount of time but some quality drilling even when I got confused to what the hell we were doing.

On the way home I cycled at a good speed.  I even decided to go up one of the hills between Santa Monica Blvd and Fountain.  Normally I walk my bike up the hills but figured I'd push myself.  I was huffing and puffing by the time I got to Fountain.  

The best part of the day was when I got home and UPS left me my order from roadrunnersports.com.  New running socks and a pair of shorts I got on sale.  wahoo! Now I just have to get running again!


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