Running Into A Rut
Tuesday Night...Meh...Swim.

Tuesday's Swim Report & The Biggest Loser Recap

I need to play catch up since I haven't been keeping up with my news recaps.  I'll start off with a few news stories about Master Swimmers from around the world...

1.  Thelma Bryan is 79 years old has had 5 hip replacements but is still swimming strong.  Cairns-WebUsual-CP17MAR10P050-CC110312-THELMA  In fact according to the Queensland she set servile national records for her age group.  

2.  Colorado's Daily Sentinel profiles attorney Nathan Keever who just happens to be a Master Swimmer.

3.  On the other side of the pond the Stroud News Journal covers a few local Stroud Master swimmers at the Royal Navy Masters Swimming Competition.

4.  Heading back down under to Melbourne were profiled the Noosa Masters Swim Carnival.

In some other swim news...

5.  The Wobbly Block reviews the all new Apple iPad Kickboard.  This might, I say MIGHT may me like kicking!

Now for some The Biggest Loser news...

6.  Jillian Michaels signs an endorsement deal with K-Swiss.  According to RTTnews "represent K-Swiss and participate in interactive retail and consumer-facing programs throughout the year. In the future, Michaels will develop collaborative product line with the California Sports Brand."

7. in Colorado looks at The Biggest Loser Cookbook.  I have the cookbook and someday will get to use it.  Bad me!  But by reading most of it I've made some simple changes in my daily cooking.  

8.  The SeattlePI reports on The Biggest Loser contestant Stephanie Anderson as she not only lost weight on The Biggest Loser but fell in love with fellow contestant Sam Poueu.

9.  Former The Biggest Loser contestant Kai Hibbard dishes the dirt on what happens on The Ranch (read it all at  

10.  The previews tonight's episode.


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