4,700 Yard Freestyle Workout
Stroke me, stroke me. Could be a winner boy, you move quite well.

Wednesday's Swim Report / Things I Might Have Missed

Taking a recovery day from swimming, running, gym and treating myself to a gallon or two of boxed wine.  While I am busy passed out here are a few of the stories that I might have missed...

1.  The SCAQ Blog talks about "Frederick Bousquet wins the 50-free prelim, Freddiebousquet  Alain Bernard Second, Leveaux third!"  I will admit I only link to this for the eye candy!  Mmmm….FREDDIE!  Love the foto, how much inked hotness can be in one foto and not be porn?

2.  Speaking of hunks... Swimming World talks to Peter Marshall on his trip to Haiti.

3.  The Swimming Workout Wizard, which is way too long of a name for a blog, talks about "Leadoff Pace" and includes a LCM Goal Pace Spreadsheet to get to your goal time this summer.

4.  I hate to admit it when I am wrong cuz' well I am never wrong.  But the blog Swimintelligence does have a convincing post "The Case for Breathing Every 3" Hmm…as a great man named Homer Simpson once said "Prove me wrong, Silent Bob!"  I guess in this case it's Swimintelligence that is proving me wrong, damn them!

5.  Congrats to my favorite canuck WENDY!  According to her blog OF(f) The Deep End she "has me moved up to the 750,000 metre group in the Million Metre Challenge."  I don't even really know what that means but it seems like a major fucking deal.  And she is one of my long time readers.  Oh and she is stylish.  Her blog isn't just about swimming laps you get to see her latest purse and shoe purchases.  It's like "Sex & The Swimming Pool".

6.  Over at The Swimmers Circle they look at doing flip turns correctly.  Which for me is a new concept.  All I can remember was attending a backstroke clinic with Peter Marshall after viewing my flip turn on video he was like "as for that flip turn that is a whole other hour".  They are that bad!

7.  Mmmm…Everyone always loves the bad boys, especially when they are as hot as 341246-nick-d-039-arcy  Nick D'Arcy!  From The Daily Telegraphy "Bad boy of Australian swimming D'Arcy back in the fold."  Mmm...Bad boys, bad boys whatcha gonna do whatcha gonna do?  When they U come for you ME!

8.  Backing it up to Friday for Garret Weber-Gales Friday Food Fact!

9.  Over at Gold Medal Mel or Gold Medal Media.  Mel calls Chloe Sutton "Swimming's Pro Double Threat."  

10.  You'd think as a swimmer I'd know this answer but "Can You Actually Taste Water?" The scifi blog io9 looks into the science of tasting water.  

Oh and as always feel free to email story ideas and new blog links.  I am trying to find as many USMS teams that have blogs.  Just trying to see what it out there for swimming in the intertube thingy.  I think as I was typing this I got about three emails from my team changing times and locations of Sunday workouts due to pool issues.  I really have said this so many times over the years but when there is an SPMA swim meet that practices should be cancelled.  The coach would work the swim meet and if you want to swim fuck go to the meet.  But that is a whole other post.  See you Sunday at UCLA.


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