4,000 Yard Quick Morning Workout

12 of 12 May 2010 Edition.

I don't do this enough so yesterday I reminded myself before going to bed that today would be the 12th of the month.  Meaning I would take 12 random photos of my day and post them on my blog as part of Chad Darnell's 12 of 12 Blogger Project.   To find our more about the 12 of 12 check out the Untitled Chad Darnell Project

I will admit that I am hit or miss with actually doing a 12 of 12.  My last one was back in November.  You can see all my past 12 of 12's LINK.  But this is the last year Chad will be doing the 12 of 12 so I must do them for the rest of the year!   

I took my photos on my iPhone so the quality sucks and I didn't have time to play with them in Photoshop.  So these are in the raw photos.  With that said here are my 12 of 12 for May 2010...

Picture 1 of 12 - Ride em' Cowboy!

 On my way to the gallery I came out of the subway and found this girl wearing these fugly cowgal boot sneakers!  The thing is about a year ago I saw a guy wearing a cool pair of sneaker boots that weren't cowboy at all.  Well I loved those sneakers and searched for them for a bit.  Only to realize they'd look ridiculous on me.  I tweeted the pix of the girl and one of my tweeter follows responded they say her at the Hollywood subway stop and thought they were fugly also.

Picture 2 of 12 - Sugar / Diet Coke Fix

I needed my morning fix.  After working out this morning I cooked three eggs but was hungry right before heading to the gallery.  So I stopped at the 7/11 for fuel.

Picture 3 of 12 -  Oodles of Noodles

Mmm...mmm....good.  We went to the noodle place a block away for lunch.  I got the Poh Seafood.  So much food!

Picture 4 of 12 -  Odies But Goodies

Upstairs in the office is this cabinet and on top is a bunch of old cameras and a modern Bose stereo system.  I like the mix of old and new.  Mostly I like the old cameras.

Picture 5 of 12 - 4 O'Clock Pick Me Up

A late afternoon trip to Robek's to get a blended juice thingy with some energy boost in it!  It kept me going and very alert for about an hour.  Then crashed.  Betting it's the yummy sugar in it!

Picture 6 of 12 -  In Between Days

The Cure fan in me keeps thinking "In Between Days".  Right now the gallery is in between shows.  The next tentative planned one is to open on June 2nd.  But that is up in the air for another day or so.  It's going to be pretty cool so I'll be chatting it up. 

Picture 7 of 12 - Born In East LA

After the gallery closed we headed to East LA for an event that the photographer was covering.  I like watching the photographers work.  See how they go to cover an event, take pictures and then I love seeing them the next day.  It's amazing seeing something that you were at via another person's lens.  It is helping me appreciate the work of photographers more and more each day.   

Picture 8 of 12 - Let's Get Wet!

Of course I hunt down the pool on location!  It's a 4 lane 25 yard pool.  Umm...no gutters.  This pool isn't made for real swimming.  But at least it's a pool in a community with a lack of pools.  We need more swimming pools that are open to the public and offer swimming lessons.  Go Swimming!

Picture 9 of 12 -  Get With The Program!

This is one of the flyers from the event.  I'm not mentioning the event cuz' well no one needs to know that I'm blogging about it.   

Picture 10 of 12 - My Pants!


Like I said I enjoy seeing what the photographer makes of the events I tag along with.  But tonight with the speaker going on for 90 minutes non-stop in spanish and I got a bit bored and started to tweet on my iPhone.  I took a pix of me waiting for her to finish speaking.  My Prada boots need a good shoe shine!

Picture 11 of 12 -  Dawgie Wuv Yu!

At the place the event was held one of the employees had a dog who was walking around the room at the end of the session.  It was sorta a cute dog.  But when it came near me I had to pet it and talk to it like the guy in the dog food commercials that talk dog.  Ya know doggie talk...but in english.  Wonder if pets brought up in spanish households only speak dog spanish and not dog english? 

Picture 12 of 12 - Cheating With Plushie

After my day I did hit Ralphs to pick up a few things.  I tried to take my 12th photo which would have been the cover of Vanity Fair with Christiano Ronaldo on the cover.  But alas after three attempts I gave up.  So the 12th photo is of my favorite porn star Plushie Schwartz  (NSFW plushieschwartz.com)! 


Nice photos, thanks for sharing. I clicked on those boot things to get a better look and wow they are bad!

I think those boots are fugly, you're right. Yuck!

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