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Friday Morning Freestyle Workout - Meh

Looking back at this morning's workout it seems to me that I should have enjoyed it more.  It was freestyle with some distance in it. I did enjoy the mind numbing 400 and 300 freestyles.  I did however forget a key component of the set till just now.  Before that the warm up was a 400 or so for me.  Wasn't really counting and spent time on deck shivering in the cold while delaying getting into the water. 

then we did a warm up set:

3 Rounds - 25 Distance Per Stroke / 75 Drill / 100 Swim (rounds 1 & 3 were freestyle and 2 was choice which I did backstroke) (600/1000)

Main Set:

400 Pull on 5:45

100 Free on 1:20

300 Pull on 4:15 (which i screwed up so we did it on a 4:40)

2x100's Free on 1:20

200 Pull on 2:50

3x100's Free on 1:20

100 Pull on 1:25

4x100's Free on 1:20

I forgot that the last 100 in each group of 100's was to be fast or was it all descend within each set of 100's?  Something like that.  I swam in the slower fast lane.  I figured I'm just rebuilding so no need to kill myself yet.  Well that and it was a choice of swimming in a lane of 3 people or 5 people including myself.  So 3 won out!  The faster lane did the pulling on a 1:20 base and the 100's on 1:15.  Also in the pulling I tried to split it evenly between 1/2 pulling with paddles and 1/2 without.  So for the 400 it was 200 with then 200 without.  Don't want to get too attached to paddles but I do think they help me with hand entry and catch.  If I get tired and sloppy having paddles isn't helping much.  But if I start off with them then finish the pull without them I cn feel a difference and adjust my arms a bit.  Trying to use them as training tools and not a crutch.  Also when I use paddles I can torque my hips more to get a rotation instead of my flat swimming.  (2000/3000)

Then we had a kick set.  While the coach was giving the set I took a quick pee break.  I was about to start kicking when I noticed someone took the kick board.  Grrr.  One of my biggest pet peeves (and boy do i have many) is when people don't come to the lane with equipment and just take whatever is around.  It's the reason why I went and purchased my own pull buoy.  That way with my name plastered all over it people won't use it.  So when I come to the wall to start pulling my pull equipment is there.  I don't bring a kick board but have been considering one.  I do have a favorite one that is available at the pool.  I like the shape and I like that it's purple.  There's is enough of the purple ones for a few of us to use one.  So when we started the kick set and someone took the kick board I started to kick without.  After 2x50's I gave up.  Fuck it!  It was 60 minutes of swimming which is enough anyways.  Until I learn how to kick and swim at the same time kicking is pretty pointless anyways. 

So another workout this time being 3100 yards.  I'm slowly feeling more comfortable with faster intervals.  I wasn't keeping track of my 100's times so I really don't know if I am swimming better then Tuesday.  Tuesday night I couldn't descend at all and was ascending.  Would have been interesting to see how I was holding up this morning.  Next time I'll try to keep an eye out on my swimming.  This morning I was struggling trying to remember what the interval was and what was next. 


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