Friday Morning Freestyle Workout - Meh
Sunday Afternoon Swim

Giant Neon Swimmer Dives Into Santa Monica Blvd!

This morning while riding my bicycle to the gym I noticed a new piece of artwork on the boulevard.  It was a big giant swimmer.  Since it was pretty early in the morning I stopped and snapped a pix with my iPhone.  I didn't know what it was or why it was 7sk on the boulevard till' I got home.  The swimmer is part of "One Route - 66 Lights":

The City of West Hollywood in collaboration with the Museum of Neon Art presents On Route—66 Lights, vintage and contemporary neon on historic Route 66 (Santa Monica Boulevard) and the Sunset Strip. Four large-scale classic neon lights are on display in the City. Three in the center median of Santa Monica Boulevard near Barney's Beanery, and one at Plummer Park.

You can read more about it at the cities website  I'm going to have to check them out some night. 

As for my workout it was a decent morning.  Between it being a Holiday weekend and a Sunday the gym was empty.  At times I'd be the only one around the section of the gym I'd be working out in.  Which was nice.  I was able to get in a good workout and did some ab work at the end.  Since I've started to neglect ab work on the gym I realized last week that I was having lower back pain again from time to time.  Usually when I am doing my ab workouts I don't have lower back pain.  I know I get it from sitting at a desk and with weak abs the lower back has to endure the brunt of carrying my upper body weight.  So gotta do more ab work even if it kills me.  It's the price of getting old. 

Later on today I plan on swimming.  Going to be a hot hot day so the pool will be nice!  Hopefully people won't show up and the lanes will be empty!


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