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Misty Morning Cranky Pants Workout

I Misplaced My Motivation

It's a cloudy chilly morning but after hitting snooze a few dozen times I get my act together and headed towards the pool.  When I got to the pool I could see the lifeguards pouring chemicals into the pool.  That is never a good sign.  They did give us the all clear to swim so I decided to brave it and hit the water.  Once in the water I wasn't that motivated to swim.  I started off with a super easy 200 free swim that was really 4x50's of me just swimming and stopping trying to find my mojo.  The pool was pretty empty so I didn't have to worry to get out of anyones way swimming in my lane.  I had my own lane for most of my swim.  I'm getting spoiled with my own middle lane!  I then did a 300 Pull followed by a 200 Kick.  So 700 warm up.  I then did 12x25's on 30 Alternate Drill / Swim to round up the warm up to a 1,000.

Still not motivated I did 16x25's on 30 this time breathing 3/5/7/9 by 25.  (400/1400)

Then still feeling sluggish I did 12x25's kick to the deep using the pull buoy in my arms as a floater and then pulling fast back.  (300/1700)

5x100's Free on 1:20 Swim (500/2200)

Then I did an easy 100 (100/2300)

Then 16x25's 4 of Each Stroke alternating drill / swim.  (400/2700)

Then I did 4x100's 1 of each stroke IM order on 1:30 for the fly/back and 2:00 for the breast. (400/3100)

Hmm...I think earlier I did a 150 of something.  Doh!  Anyways I finished off with 6x25's kick.  So adding those two items in for another 300 for a 3,400 yard swim.  That seems about right since I was really taking my time and spending a lot of time just standing around trying to wake up and motivated.  At least I got some swim time in and not just stayed in bed watching tv all morning.


So funny how mojo/motivation comes and goes so quickly. Ya just never know which swimmer in you will show up to the pool for any given workout.

My motivation went missing last night!

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