Day 4 of the 2010 U.S. Masters Short Course Nationals
That Was Craptastic!

Morning Workout - That Hurt

Getting back into swimming at 6am was a bit more difficult than I had thought.  My alarm went off and I slowly moved out of bed after 10 minutes of snoozing.  Mostly I can blame staying up to watch Lost for my sluggishness. 

Warm Up

400 Swim

50 Drill / 50 Kick

300 Pull first 200 breathing every 3/5/3/5 by 50 / last 100 distance per stroke. (800)

I think that was all we did for a warm up.  It's all a blur with yesterday afternoons workout. 

Main Set:

4x100's on 1:25 descend.  I did a 1:14. 1:13, 1:11 and 1:10.  Not blazing fast but knowing we had...

right into 2x100's on 3 minutes race strategy.  I think I did a 1:28 and a 1:27.  Hmm...maybe that is wrong.  Meh...

Then after a bit over a minute we did a 400 for time.  I felt okay during it.  By the last 50 I had caught up to the other person in my lane slowing me up a bit so I did a 4:38.  I think. (1200/2000)

Then we did a 100 easy recovery. (100/2100)

Then we went onto the stroke portion of the workout.

150 IM Kick / 100 IM drill (no free).  (300/2400)

And that was it for me.  Between weights and swimming yesterday my body was beat.  During the kicking my legs were hurting.  I had nothing.  So I called it quits.  2400 yards was enough for today.  One thing I've realized is that I've gotten sloppy with my stroke.  Hopefully I'll get back to my swim of things shortly.  And if not I don't have any meets coming up so I have plenty of time to work on technique and build up endurance again. 


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