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Hitting The Gym

One Last Swim For May

I didn't think I was going to swim this morning but I woke up around 4:30 am so I figured since I was up I would work out.  Mind you I woke up most likely from some lower back pain.  So thinking I'd go swim it out wasn't the smartest thing to do this morning.  I've had back issues in the past from my bad posture and sitting at a desk for long periods.  Back before I started to work out and was 40 pounds heavier I woke up every day with lower back pain.  Once I started to work out and doing ab work the pain slowly went away.  Even the smallest bit of ab work seemed to work magic.  The last week the pain has come back.  It could be from a lack of ab workouts, the extra few pounds I packed on (which is good since i was too skinny) or being back at a desk for most of my days.  Either way it's back.  My lower right side is tweaked. 

When I was on deck this morning I tried to rub my lower back thinking that it'll just go away.  I got in the water and started a very slow warm up.  I think I did a 250.  We then did a warm up set that I took my time since I was feeling a bit achy. 

Three Rounds

50 Kick

50 Drill

50 Swim

50 Swordfish with underwater recovery.

I kicked with a kickboard which was a mistake.  The last round I was barely kicking and just floating.  The other fast lane lapped me.  I didn't care.  (600/850)

We then did a 600 Pull.  The first 400 was distance per stroke and the last 200 was breathing 3/5/3/5 by 50.  I sorta felt okay.  Turns felt a bit off on my back but swimming was okay.  Think the pulling with the buoy kept my legs elevated. 

Then we had 3x300's descend.  The first one hurt.  I started the 2nd one and did 6 laps and gave up.  Normally I think I would have pushed past the tweaked back but I was tired and just couldn't muster the strength.  (450/1900)

I started to ride home but my lower back started to ache.  So I walked up the hill to Fountain and walking was tweaking my back.  I rode home the rest of the way thinking riding would be faster.  I'm just going to lay down today and let my back recover.  The rest of the week I'll just make sure I sit in the chair at work with correct posture.  I figure the lower back pain will vanish in a few days. 


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