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Sunday Afternoon Swim

That hurt!  After this mornings weight training it was time for a round of swimming.  I may not swim tomorrow so I wanted to fit in one more workout for May.  And this was a good one.

Warmed Up about a 400.  Then we did a warm up set

2 Rounds - 100 IM Drill / 75 Free Drill Fist / 50 Kick / 25 Distance Per Stroke.  I forgot the intervals but they were very touch and go.  (500/900)

4x50's Descend free on 50 (200/1100)

Now the coach told me about two things to work on in my freestyle.  The first one was that I was bobbing a bit in my freestyle so to watch my head position.  The second was to relax my recovery arm but keep my elbows up.  So in the freestyle of the main set I tried to keep that in mind.  

Main Set: 2 Rounds -

200 Free on 2:40

2x100's IM on 1:30

2x75's Breast on an interval I don't remember but know I didn't make.  I think 1:15 maybe.

200 Back on another interval I don't remember but know I didn't make.  Which is odd cuz' normally I like the 200 back.  But after the breaststroke I was tired and this morning's weight training left me sore.

8x25's fly on 30.  (1900/3000)

We did a 50 easy before going on to a kick set.

Three Rounds

125 Kick on 2:30

75 Kick on 1:20

or was it a 25 kick on 2:20 and a 75 kick on 1:30.  OH well something like that.  (600/3600)

Then I did a 100 warm down for a total of 3,700 yards.  Tough yards.  I was dying.  I was sore.  But it was worth it!


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