Sunday Morning Gym Time
Day 4 of the 2010 U.S. Masters Short Course Nationals

Sunday Afternoon Swim

I decided to go swimming this afternoon so it was back on my cycle.  The wind really picked up making the ride a bit of a workout.  I was fighting the wind the whole time.  While swimming you really could feel the wind on your recovery.  It felt like I was swimming up hill. 

Warm Up


Then we did

2x50's Kick

4x25's Kick

Finishing up the warm up set with 50 Drill / 50 Swim / 200 Pull for two rounds.  (1200 total for warm up)

Main Set:

Two Rounds of 4x150's on 2:00 minutes

1st distance per stroke

2nd last 50 fast

3rd last 100 fast

4th all fast

take 15 seconds and repeat so it's two rounds of 4.  (2000/3200)

I felt okay for this set.  Lifting weights this morning made my arms feel like jello.  The first round I did pretty good and descended the 150's.  The second round I was good for three and my third was the fastest one of them all.  The last one I was ahead of the guy in the lane next to me but feel behind the guy pulling with paddles two lanes over.  I didn't even know he was swimming the set with us till the second 150 of the second round.  So maybe he got some extra rest.  Anyways once I saw him I tried to stay with or ahead of him but at the end I was like "whatever, he has paddles.  don't kill yourself."  So I pulled back a bit at the last 50.

Then we did did some 25's

10x25's build on 25 then sprint on 35.  felt like crap to the last few sprints (250/3450)

Then stroke time...first a stroke warm up 100 kick / 50 drill / 50 swim (200/3650)

Stroke Set

4x25's on 30 Stroke

50 easy free on 50

3x25's on 30 Stroke

50 easy free on 50

2x25's on 30 Stroke

50 easy free on 50

1x25 stroke

All the stroke was fast and I did it butterfly. (400/4050)

since we had more time we did the set reversed sorta...

3x25's fast free on 25

50 stroke on 60

2x25's fast free on 25

50 stroke on 60

1x25 fast free

meh...i sorta did the free fast but did the stroke butterfly.  (250/4300)

So the workout was 4,300.  The intervals weren't killer but fast enough.  I don't think I could have done faster intervals today so it was perfect.  Tomorrow is another swim day! 


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