Morning Workout - That Hurt
Season 9 The Biggest Loser Is Michael

That Was Craptastic!

I didn't hit the gym for weight training this morning so I figured I'd swim tonight.  I'm out of shape and sync with my swimming right now.  I will admit that I'm swimming at the slowest I've swam in years.  What little technique I had is pretty much gone.  So I'm rebuilding and retraining.  My theory is that I will retrain myself the right technique way and in time the speed will come.  I'm not planning on swimming at a meet any time soon so speed is so not on my agenda.  So with that said here is tonight's workout with some of my thoughts on it.

Warm Up


I mixed it up with some swim, pull and drill.  Wasn't much of anything to write about.

Warm Up Drill:

2 Rounds

25 Kick

50 Swordfish with underwater recovery

25 kick

50 drill

100 swim

The first round the drill was finger tip drag and the second round the drill was fist.  I went 2nd to last in my lane and was lapped in both rounds.  Mainly cuz' I suck at kicking but more cuz' I was trying to do the swordfish and drilling correctly.  Swordfish with underwater recovery is super slow and hard for me.  I feel like I'm swimming backwards.  So I struggle with it but it's okay.  I've resolved not to care about others in my lane when I'm drilling so if I get lapped whatever.  As long as I'm doing the drill as best as I can.  I think that is the point of drilling anyways.

Then we did 3x200's Pull descending.  Well the coach said descending but with my swimming I am just ascending.  I think I did a 2:14, 2:17 and a 2:21.  The lanes were set up tonight to have two fast lanes with one being on a faster interval.  For this set the intervals were one lane of 1:40 and another of 1:50.  The coach wanted me to be in the lane that did a 1:40 but I said no and swam in the 1:50 lane.  I was getting plenty of rest but just don't have the endurance to keep a good pace and descend.

Then we did a series of 100's.  The coach once again asked me to move to the faster lane.  After me whining I did move over.  I mean I really was whining.  Everyone's eyes were rolling over my whining.  But whatever, once again I'd rather swim a set correctly than in the faster lane just to swim in the faster lane.  So many times in the past I've said this about my swimming "I'm not fast, I just have endurance.  So when the other swimmers get tired I finally pull ahead."  But right now I don't have endurance.  No speed, no technique and no endurance.  So instead of descending the set I ascended. 

Three Rounds of 3x100's on 1:15.  Taking 15 seconds rest in between each round.  Descending with in each set of 3.  Also descending from each of the fastest one.  So the third one of each set had to be faster then the previous.  How did I do?  Craptastical!

1.  1:07

2.  1:09

3.  1:11

4.  1:07

5.  1:07

6   1:07

7.  1:07

8.  1:09

9.  1:12

I was splashing like hell with windmill like arms just to move.  So not pretty.  But I was trying to descend.  But that didn't happen at all.

Then we did some 25's which I did like 10 of and I got out.  It was another sucky swim.  I regret swimming at all tonight.  Felt I was there more for just cardio cuz' I didn't work on any technique besides the warm up.  Oh well, tomorrow is another day.  Now to eat and watch some The Biggest Loser!


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