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12 of 12: The Vadar Project

 Happy June 12th!  Yeah another month has ticked away so it's time for Chd Darnell's 12 of 12.  Read more about 12 of 12 at The Untitled Chad Darnell Project.  This month I started to do a normal run of the day 12 of 12 but then hit The Vadar Project.  Since I took 90 fotos on my iPhone I decided to make my 12 of 12 all about The Vadar Project.  What is The Vadar Project?   Check out  It was hard to pick just 12 out of 90 but I did but did include them all in a quick youtube video "The Vadar Project in 60 Seconds".



Ya know how much I love PINK!

11.  Wait Vincent van Vadar?

Well with Vadar it's a Scary not a Starry Night!

10.  Vadar Plays Frontierville Too!


When not over lording over the galaxy Vadar has time for some Frontierville on Facebook as seen by his avatar.

9.  They Must Be English! 

Wowser.  Look at those teeth!

8.  Join The Other Side!

Who knew the Ewok's were English.  

7.  Darth Vadar Is One Horny Dude!

Is that an antler or are you just happy to see me?

6.  Darth Goes Fruity!


I always knew he was a bit fruity!

5. The Clone Wars

Nothing really to say about The Clone Wars cartoon Vadar except...WOAH!

4.  Pin Me Up!

Vadar goes retro with this pin up.



May the PINK be with you!  If it was up to me they'd all be PINK!

2.  The Pink Strikes Back!

Hey I like PINK!

1.  It's Yoda Damnit!


I mean come on!  It's YODA!

And a quick review of The Vadar Project in 60 seconds....


Great idea for a project, I bet it was awesome to see up close - no wonder you had trouble narrowing the photos down!

(I was horrendously late putting my 12 of 12 up, but they are now. I held off on commenting so that people knew when I left a comment, my own was up – the only way I could think of to let people know when I posted!

Neat concept i enjoyed the photos and the art work that went into the Vadar Project. Thanks for sharing

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