Everyone Out Of The Pool!
Friday Stroke Workout

A Good Nite For A Swim. At Least I Felt Good In The Water.

After last nights swim and then the gym this morning I debated on swimming tonight.  I decided to go thinking that I'd be having a tough go of it.  But actually I felt good till the last 10 minutes of workout.  Then I hit the wall or the wall fell on me.  Either way I skipped some 25's sprints and warmed down.

Warmed Up

500 Mixed swimming and pulling finishing with a 100 IM swim.

3 Rounds - 50 Kick / 50 Drill / 50 Swim / 50 swordfish w/ underwater recovery (i skipped a 100 for a pee break) (500/1000)

500 Pull (500/1500)

3x75's Build on 60 (225/1725)

Main Set:

10x50's on 45 Build

take 10 seconds rest

5x50's on 45 Pace

take 15 seconds rest

4x50's on 45 Fast

take 20 seconds rest

1x50 SPRINT. (1000/2725)

then we did a 100 easy (100/2825)

300 - 50 Kick / 50 Drill of fly then back and breast (300/3025)

Stroke Set"

100 IM on 1:35

50 Fly on 50

25 Fly on 30

25 Fly on 35

100 IM on 1:35

50 Back on 50

25 Back on 30

25 Back on 25

100 IM (500/3525)

then I just warmed down.  I skipped the breaststroke round and some 25's sprints.  I warmed up about a 125. The end of the workout was a total of 3,650 yards.  I gotta admit for most of the workout I was being pushed by another swimmer in the next lane.  Normally we don't swim at the same workouts till' we started swimming at Culver.  We seem to be very close in speed so we were neck and neck the whole workout.  It really pushed me.  Gotta admit I really like swimming side by side with someone close in speed who doesn't cheat.  Makes the workout a challenge. 


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