Monday's Swim Report - My Two Cents Edition
Wednesday's Swim Report

Cycling, Lifting and Swimming.

Yesterday morning I got on my bike and cycled the 5.05 miles to the 24 Hour Fitness near Western and Wilshire.  Once at the gym I worked on my usual routine of arms, chest, shoulders and some ab work.  I then showered and got dressed and walked with my bike Mapmybikethe few blocks to work.  At the end of the day it was time to cycle back.  The ride home was a bit longer and had more traffic so I rode 6.23 miles home.  When I got home I debated on going swimming but I really needed the night off.  11.28 miles for someone who only does 2 miles every so often was a bit much. 

This morning I woke up at about 5:50am.  Just 10 minutes before swim practice.  DOH!  I grabbed my stuff and bolted out the door.  I biked to the pool hoping that would wake me up.  It's 2.25 miles but it wasn't enough to wake me up.

We had two fast lanes and I got into what I thought would be a slower fast lane but we did the same intervals.  Which were doable for everyone.  Today's workout was a sprint workout.  Since I had only been up 10 minutes I slept swam the warm up.  I did about a 250 before we started the warm up set.

I went last in the warm up set as I was just waking up and not ready to even attempt to go fast.  I'm struggling to even remember what it was.  I know it was some kick and a 100 pulling.  Hmmm...4x150's (100 breathing by 25 3/5/3/7 then 25 kick no board trying to get to the black line underwater then 25 butterfly kick on our backs) (600/850)

Warm Up:

300 IM 25 Drill / 25 Swim / 25 Free Swim on 4:50

200 Stroke 50 Drill / 150 Swim (i did backstroke)

100 IM Swim

4x50's Free Descend on 45 (800/1650)

50 easy (50/1700)

Main Set:

4 - Rounds

100 Recovery Free on 1:30

2x75's Stroke on 1:15

2x25's Same Stroke Sprint on 30

50 Choice Recovery on 60

50 Choice Sprint on 60 (1600/3300)

All the choice recovery 50's I did freestyle.  The stroke and sprint 50's I did the first round backstroke, the second round butterfly, the third round backstroke and the fourth round butterfly again.

I gotta admit once I got past the first part of warm up I was feeling good.  After the 300 IM I woke up and the 200 stroke felt good.  During the main set the butterfly felt pretty good.  The last 50 sprint butterfly I did a 32 for the 50 yards which isn't great but it was okay for the end of workout.  We had four people in our lane which made butterfly challenging at times.  I gotta admit for the 50's sprint I tried to time myself so I didn't do any one arm fly.  Luckily some people in my lane did breaststroke so I was able to just swim the full 50 without having to do any one arm. 

Glad I rushed to the pool and got in the swim.  Maybe I should sleep in to the very last minute more often.


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