A Good Nite For A Swim. At Least I Felt Good In The Water.
T G I Friday's Swim Report - Now With More Flair!

Friday Stroke Workout

After a couple of weeks of swimming at night my body has gotten use to being lazy and slow in the morning.  So as the WeHo Pool is open again it was a tough fight with myself to get myself into gear and in the water.  Once in the water it took me a few minutes of standing around before I actually started to swim.  I did a 350 for warm up.  The words "slow motion" could be used to describe my warm up.  After warm up we split between "freestyle" and "stroke" workouts.  It seemed more people opted for the "freestyle" workout so I moved to one of the two stroke lanes.  Our intervals were very generous in the "stroke" lanes.

4 Rounds (Odds Free / Evens Stroke)

50 Kick on 1:05

100 Kick on 2:10

50 Drill on 60 (I took a pee break and missed a 50 kick so I did 750/1100)

Main Set:

4x200's on 3:20 (800)

4x150's on 2:50 (i think it was suppose to be 2:30) (600/1400)

4x100's on 1:40 (400/1800)

4x50's on 50 (200/2000/3100)

The third one of each round was easy free.  I mixed it up with butterfly and freestyle.  For the 200's the first two I alternated by 25 fly / free but the last 200 swam it all fly.  I swam the 150's all backstroke.  The 100's I did butterfly and finished up with backstroke for the 50's.  The 200 all fly killed me.  Then the 150's I was able to recover and swim a few strong 100's butterfly.  Luckily the 3rd one was a nice recovery freestyle.  

6x25's on 30.  1 easy / 2 sprint.  I did my sprints butterfly.  Some how I was able to get some speed for the last two of the sprints.  (150/3250)

Swimming butterfly use to be a lot easier or maybe since I was swimming more butterfly it just seemed easier.  Swimming a 200 butterfly is pure torture right now.  But all in a good way.  My times in my butterfly swims were pretty slow but at least I finished.  Need to build up my endurance before I start worrying about my swim times.  Of course that is easy to say now but when I was swimming I was frustrated by my times in the 100's.  Oh well. 


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