Double Double Swimming
Happy 5th Birthday!

Last Sunday Afternoon Swim

Good bye Sunday afternoon workouts.  Once again summer time is here and the pool opens up for more snotty little brats who pee in the pool and wear a ton of sunscreen which creates white slick waves of oil.  So till November no more afternoon workouts. 

I got in the water and slowly warmed up.  I'd guess I swam a 400.  Pretty much doing a few laps without counting. (400)

Warm Up Set:

Three Rounds -

25 Kick

50 Free Fist Drill

75 Kick

100 IM Drill

Took a quick pee break and missed a 50 during the last round.  (700/1100)

6x25's on 30.  1-3 Free / 4-6 Stroke.  (150/1250)

Main Set:

200 Free on 2:45 (200)

3x100's on 1:30 (i think)  These were stroke or IM.  I did them backstroke. (300/500)

4x75's Free.  I don't know the interval. (300/800)

3x50's Stroke (I think).  These were stroke and I did them backstroke. (150/950)

take 30 seconds rest.

200 Free on 2:45 (200/1150)

3x100's on 1:30 (i think)  These were stroke or IM.  I did them butterfly. (300/1450)

I then took a little bit rest and went last for the 75's but only did two before getting out.  (150/1600/ 2850)

For whatever reason I was tired and had no speed today.  During the warm up I just felt tired and almost got out.  But decided to stay in hoping my body would wake up.  Then came the main set and I still didn't feel right in the water.  I was sluggish.  I told myself just to finish the last of the 50's stroke.  Since I did backstroke during the first round I felt a bit better to swim the set.  I decided to swim the 100's butterfly.  Mainly since I was already feeling sluggish why not push myself.  If I can't get speed at least I could get something out of the workout.  Maybe too much as I had nothing afterwards.  I gave up after 2x75's.  I know I should have continued.  But tomorrow is another day.  A swim is a swim. 


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