Wendy Buckner (1959 - 2010)
Laziness And Cycling

Sleep Swimming - Insomnia Strikes Back

Chalk it up to stress over various things but I've been battle restless nights for the last month.  This ongoing lack of sleep is making my morning workouts seem like impossible tasks.  Last night was one of the worst nights as I would get about 40 minutes of sleep then wake up, toss and turn then fall back asleep for another 40 minutes.  Finally around 4:45am I gave up and got up to check emails and get ready for 6am swim.  I didn't get a new air tube for the rear tire on my bicycle but luckily I have access to another bicycle at the moment.  So I cycled to the pool.  Unluckily I realized that the brakes don't work very well on this bicycle. 

Once at the pool I felt like a zombie of the night.  I spent the whole workout just trying to wake up and get my body into gear.  I warmed up a 500 mix swim / pull and a 100 kick.  It was a very slow warm up as I was just sleep swimming. 

Warm Up Set:
50 Fist Drill / 200 Pull / 400 Distance Per Stroke.  (650/1250)

5x100's Pace on 1:15.  I started off with a 1:07, then a few 1:08's and finished up with a 1:09.  (500/1750)

Grr...can't remember the whole workout. 

500 on 6 Minutes. Followed by something. 

Then something here.  Then we did some 50's and 25's.  I think maybe 4x50's build on 45. As for the 25's I just don't remember maybe 4 of those also.  (300/2050)

I'll have to update this post when/if I remember. 

Stroke Warm Up:

50 Drill / 100 Swim / 50 Drill / 50 Swim.  (250/2300)  I did this butterfly.

Stroke Set:

100 on 1:30

2x50's on 50

extra 30 seconds

4x50's on 50

4x25's on 30

I did this all fly.  (500/2800)

That's 750 yards fly.  It was bit tough but I made it.  I was tired and sore but I pushed myself.  Was easier that there was only two of us in the lane so I didn't have to worry about one arm butterfly.  I was able to just get into the stroke and keep at it.  Will admit I did hang at the walls a bit longer than I should have to get an extra second or so rest from time to time.

Warm downed a 150. (150/2950)


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