That's A Lotta IM!
3.75 Mile Run & Some Gym Time

Sorta A Swim Workout.

Well that sucked!  Yesterday at the very end of swim practice I got a cramp in my right calf.  Which is pretty common.  Guess I'm not eating enough banana's and properly hydrating or drinking pickle brine.  Pickel Brine, yup according to the NY Times.  I guess knowing my leg had cramped up going on a 4 mile walk wasn't a smart thing to do after wards.   But knowing that I'd be going swimming tonight I did my best to hydrate and eat nutritionally all day.  My calf was feeling a bit sore today.  Guess I really over did it.  But with calf pain and my on going insomnia issues I decided to head to the pool and fight the pain. 

Once in the water I realized my body was still beat up from Sundays swim.  Not just my right calf.  I took warm up super easy only doing about a 400.  Then we had a kick set that I goofed off even more so.  I knew my leg wasn't going to like a kick set so I just barely kicked.  Luckily I was in a slower lane so it didn't matter.

100 easy kick on 2:15

2x50's kick on 60

100 easy kick on 2:15

4x50's kick on 60

100 easy kick on 2:15

6x50's kick

I missed about 2x50's for a pee break.  (700/1100)

Then it was some swim time.  6x75's Freestyle.  The workout was going to be a free workout.  I was leading but I don't remember the interval.  Something really easy so let's say 1:20.  They were as follows 1 easy / 1 working the turns with a 6 beat kick into the wall / 1 build and repeat.  Now as always when it comes to freestyle I have difficulties kicking and swimming at the same time.  I've been slowly learning with some measure of small success.  Now for the 75's that were 6 beat kick into the wall and work the turn boy did I screw up.  My first turn I was so thinking about the kicking I forgot I was about to hit the wall.  After that I just gave up.  Figured it was too much to think about.  (450/1550)

I was still feeling a bit wonky in the water before we started our main set.  During the 75's I was looking around at the lanes and trying to decide if I should have told the coach I was moving up into the faster lane but then would he have spread us out?  There was four already in that lane and three in ours.  I didn't want to be the 5th person.  I noticed the two medium lanes only had 2 swimmers in each.  But I decided to stay put.  Which was a mistake.  I had too much rest, had too much time to psych myself out and give up.  I ended up getting out early.  Here is what I did do...

50 easy on 60

200 Free on 2:45 ( i was getting 20 seconds rest)

50 easy on 60

2x200's Free on 2:45

50 easy

At this point I pretty much gave up.  I just didn't feel like swimming.  Partly I was tired and was afraid my calf would cramp up but mostly I was like "meh" about swimming.  I swam a 100 of what was to be the first 200 of three and got out.  It was one of those workouts in which small things started to bother me.  I figured it was best to call it a night.  (750/2300)  At least I got in 2300 yards. 


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