Thursday's Swim Report - Summer Time Fun Edition
T. G. I. Friday's Swim Report: JACK DANIEL'S® Edition

The Flat Morning

Finally a night that for the most part I slept all night.  Of course I didn't fall asleep to after midnight and was up at 5 but that is a full night.  Once up I grabbed my stuff for swimming and cycled to the pool.

Started to warm up and was feeling sluggish.  I don't know what it is but it seems to Flat take me longer and longer to be able to wake up and swim.  Swam about a 400.

Warm Up Set:

4x150's Kick.  (50 breast / 50 free on side / 50 fly on side)  Took a 100 off for a pee break.  So wasn't feeling the set.  Was ready to just go home.  (500/900)

2x300's Pull descending on 4:15 or was it 4:30.  My lane was the slower of the two fast lanes.  The first 300 I pulled it nice an easy feeling comfortable.  The second 300 I tried to get some speed but it just wasn't there.  Around the 200 mark I was so hating the workout or at least myself.  (600/1500)

Main Set:

12x150's as follows.

4 Free on 2:00 Descending

4 75 Free / 75 Stroke on 2:20 Descending

4 All Stroke on 2:30 Descending

The freestyle 150's were okay.  Not saying I was swimming super fast but comfortable.  Better then the 300's at least.  Which isn't saying much.  During the 75/75's 150's I was beginning to feel a bit better.  It was like I was finally waking up.  Then the last which were the all stroke felt good.  I was able to crank up some speed.  I did backstroke for all my stroke.  I was going to do the 75's butterfly but chickened out in fear I'd die during the 150's stroke.  There was NO extra rest between each set of 4.  Also since the coach didn't specify a slower interval for our lane which I'm sure was just implied I did the faster lane's interval so I didn't have to think about intervals on top of remembering how many and what stroke to do.  (1800/3300)

Then we did 8x25's on 30.  25 Easy Free / 25 Sprint Free or Fly no breathing.  The first two fly no breathers were doable.  But then the third I needed more.  I like oxygen!  (300/3600)

Overall the workout wasn't so bad once I woke up.  3,600 yards was the total workout.  I think that will be it for swimming until Monday.  No more Sunday afternoons and don't know if I want to drive all the way to Roosevelt to swim early on Sunday morning. 

On the way home I had a flat.  Tried putting air in the tire but it didn't take.  So I had to walk home.  Grrr....


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