Wednesday Morning Workout - Candy and Iron Edition
Cycling and Swimming

Cycling, A Hike, Some Running and Weight Training...

Yesterday I did a bit of cycling starting to and from the pool in the morning for 4.48 miles.  Then after breakfast I hit the rode to cycle to work for 5.44 miles.  Finally I rode home for another 5.34 miles.  Not too bad.  Cycling is getting easier and easier.

Wedcycle Even though it is getting easier I'm not about to start cycling with a group or do a century or anything that crazy, yet.  After that I came home and went for a quick hike at Runyun Canyon with my roommate.  It was getting dark so we didn't do the full path. 

My roommate and I made a pack to meet up at 7am and hit the treadmill downstairs in our building.  So we got up and went downstairs.  I ran 3 miles.  I was watching the Today show more than paying attention to my running.  I am so trying to get back into running.

Then it was gym time.  So I got myself together and ran the 1.83 miles to the gym. Run_2_gum_july_8 

I pretty much just did my normal routine at the gym.  I was tired and getting hungry so I skipped ab work.  So then I ran 2.21 miles home.  Went a bit further home so I could run over 7 miles for the day which I did a 7.04 miles.

So far this week I've run 12.06 miles which is more like what I use to run on a run but I'm getting back into running.  Plan on hitting the treadmill Friday night, the short roundtrip to the gym on Saturday and a little bit of a longer run on Sunday.  Well Sunday is up in the air but I'm planning a run to a class and a run back.  I promised myself July would be the month I'd get back into running more and so far so good.


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