Cycling, A Hike, Some Running and Weight Training...
60 Minute Friday Night Workout

Cycling and Swimming

Continuing with my cycling to and from the pool the round trip ride was 4.51 miles tonight.  As for the swim workout I wasn't feeling the IM/Stroke Main Set.  Swam for 60 minutes and got out.  I also am having "weight training" elbow.  This morning at the gym it was bothering me so I pulled back a bit on my routine.  While swimming tonight it was bothering me.  So since I already wasn't in the mood for an IM workout I just got out after an hour.

Warmed Up:  I think a 350. 

Warm Up Set:

4x75's 50 Kick / 50 Swim (300)

4x100's Pulling breathing 3/5 on 1:20 (400/700/1050)

Hmm...then we did some drill I sorta remember. was a 200 Drill which I missed the butterfly 50 for a pee break.  Oh followed by a 200 choice swim which I did backstroke.  350/1400)

Hmm...we also did 6x150's Freestyle but I think that was after the 100's.  Anyways 6x150's in set's of two 3's intervals were on 1:50/1:55/2:00 (900/2300)  I felt pretty strong in the freestyle.  Too bad it wasn't a freestyle workout after that.

Main Set: 

200 Stroke on 3:10 Did my stroke all backstroke for this set.  Well for what I did of this set.

150 Stroke on 2:25

100 Stroke on 1:35

50 Stroke on 50

50 Fly on 50

100 Fly/Back on 1:35

then I got out.  next up was a 150 fly/back/breast and well I didn't feel like swimming any breaststroke.  (650/2950)

So I only swam 2,950 yards.  Not so bad.  Any swimming is better than no swimming. 


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