10 Mile Run
Wednesday Morning Sleep Swimming

Monday Morning Blah Workout

Back in the pool for a bit this morning for a mixed workout.  Recovering from two injuries I haven't swam since last Monday or lifted weights.  I did run twice but that is it.  I was hoping that I'd get in the water and it would be like I was all better and back to swimming.  I felt sorta blah when I got up and hit snooze several times but managed to get myself out of bed.  Got to the pool and felt pretty good if a bit sluggish in the speed.  But then one of my injuries started to act up so I got out after an hour.  Here is what I did swim:

400 Warmup

4x100's 50Drill/50Swim 1 of each stroke (400/800)

3x200's 1st Free on 2:40 / 2nd IM on 3:00 / 3rd Choice (I did Backstroke) (600/1400)

Three Rounds - 6x75's

1st one last 25 fast

2nd one last 50 fast

3rd & 4th all fast

5th one first 50 fast

6th one first 25 fast

1st Round Free on 1:00 / 2 Round IM (minus the free) on 1:15 / 3rd Choice on 1:15 (I did backstroke) (1350/2750)

Then a 50 easy (50/2800)

Then we had a 600 free building by 100.  I did a 100 and felt some pain so got out.  I started to feel pain in the butterfly part of the IM but managed to ignore it.  But swimming a 600 in pain didn't sound like fun to me so I gave up.  (100/2900)

This week I'm going to take another day off before weight lifting and hope that my injuries start to recover.  Will run instead of lifting on my non-swim days till I feel better on my swim days.  At least this is one way to get my runs in. 


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