Sunday Running
The Heat Is On & The Speed Isn't.

Monday Morning Sprint Workout

The 6am workout is getting busier and busier of late.  Even on Monday morning which has been one of the lower attended workouts at least for the fast lane.  This makes up for some interesting lane groups.  People seem to bump up a lane group allowing ego's to take over.  So we end up having swimmers in lanes who can't make the intervals and spend way too much time taking rest at the wall during sets.  Since I was the slowest of the fast swimmers I had to deal with one of the ego swimmers who'd take a 100 off and then sprint on my feet.  It got really annoying as the intervals were sorta tight during the workout.

400 Swim

50 Kick (450)

200 IM 25 Drill / 25 Swim (200/650)

1st Set:

3 Rounds

200 (25 Free Sprint / 25 Stroke Technique) on 2:50

4x75's Free on 55

15 Seconds Rest

Oy!  The 75's were touch and go!  I wasn't ready for sprinting but alas didn't have much choice!  (1500/2150)  I was getting a bit pissy during this set as the person behind me kept taking extra rest skipping 50's and then would leave right on my feet and go full blast.  The thing is that for this swimmer this is his usual workout style.  I start to wonder what does a swimmer like that think he's getting out of a workout swimming at a faster interval but actually sitting out a good portion of it?  It just reminds me of my old Friday morning coach who told me over and over not to stop and rest when I'm not making intervals but to keep going and eventually I will someday make those intervals.  Well next set...

2nd Set:

3 Rounds

200 (25 Stroke Sprint / 25 Free Technique) on 3:00

4x50's Stroke on 55

15 Seconds rest

My 1st round I did all back, the 2nd round did the stroke part of the 200 fly but the 50's back and the 3rd round I did all the stroke butterfly.  I didn't feel the butterfly stroke till the 3rd 50.  Just didn't feel it.  (1200/3350)

And then did a 50 easy for a 3,400 yard workout.  I did ride my bicycle to and from workout giving me a 4.56 mile ride today.  I wanted to swim a double since although it was a workout with tight intervals the sprints really didn't feel right to me being so early in the morning.  But I was hungry and left to get breakfast at home.  I may try to make tonight's workout.  Then again that is 11 hours away and who knows how I'll feel by then.


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