A Swim and A Run
June Rearview Mirror: Swim, Running and Cycling

Some Fly & A Bit Of A Cramp

Insomnia strikes again!  Last night after swimming and a quick run on the treadmill I went to bed a little after 11pm.  Around 2:45ish I woke up.  I tossed and turned but never did fall back asleep.  Since I was already up I decided to swim at the 6am workout.  Considering my lack of sleep I gotta admit I felt okay in the pool.  Well till the end when I got a cramp.

Started off with a 10 minute warm up.  I mixed it up and I'd guess I did at least a 400.

Kick Set:

4 Rounds

100 Kick on 2:00

4x25's Kick on 30

Round 1 & 3 Free / 2 & 4 Choice.  Too a pee break and missed the last 100. (700/1100)

Drill Set:

6x50's on 50 Fly/Back/Breast and repeat. (300/1400)

Main Set:

4x150's Stroke on 2:30 Descend

50 easy on 60

3x150's Stroke on 2:30 Descend

50 easy on 60

2x150's Stroke on 2:30 Descend

50 easy

and the leg cramp.  actually it started in the last of the 2x150's.  Thought the 50 easy and an extra 30 seconds rest would fix it but nope.  Started to do the 1x150 FAST and just cramped up.  I was going to do it all butterfly.  The 4's I did the first 3 of them 25 fly / 25 free and the 4th on all fly.  The 3's I did all backstroke.  The 2's I did 25 fly / 25 free.  I really was looking forward to swimming a full 150 fast fly but my leg cramp was too much.  (1500/2900)

I think there was a pull set afterwards but I had already gotten out and changed.  At the very least I got in a descent workout.


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