Cycling, Running and Weight Training
Rearview Mirror: My July Workouts

That Felt Good - Friday Morning Swim

Last night I got in some good sleep so at 5am it was time to wake up and get ready to swim.  I cycled to the pool which helped wake me up some.  I was running a bit late as Fricycle I was trying to get the internet to work before I left.  It was sluggish then stopped all together but it was back up and running so I left for the pool.  Luckily or unluckily the chlorine levels were not up to snuff so we had to wait 12 minutes for everything to kick in. 

Warm Up

400 mixed

Warm Up Set:

3  Rounds -

75 kick / 50 drill / 75 swim

all continious / 1st & 2nd round freesyle and 3rd round stroke.  I did butterfly.  Felt pretty good. (600/1000)

400 Pull 75 Free / 25 Choice but the same stroke one did just before.  So I got some butterfly pulling in.  My fly felt good.  No pain and it seemed comfortable. (400/1400)

3x50's Free 1 Build / 1 Technique / 1 Fast.  I don't remember the interval.  This was to get our heart rate up for what was next.  (150/1550)

3x300's Descending on 4 Mins.  The 1st one I did a 3:29, the 2nd one a 3:27 and the third one was a 3:24.  I'm going by what I saw on the clock.  I heard the coach say 3:26 on the second one but since I was using my visual reading for the other two I'm saying 27 to be consistent.  I felt strong in this set.  It was nice to get some speed in the water for a change.  (900/2450)

100 easy (100/2550)

4x100's Stroke Descend on 1:35.  I did backstroke and struggled at first.  My times were 1:13, 1:14, 1:14 and 1:10.  So I didn't really descend.  The 2nd one felt faster then the 1st but oh well.  (400/2950)

50 easy (50/3000)

12x25's Fast 6 Free on 25 / 6 Stroke on 30.  I did butterfly (300/3300)

then just a 100 warm down (100/3400)

Not many people showed up at the 7:15.  Most of the team in on the way to the Gay Games in Germany.  After the swim it was time to cycle home.  Another good cardio day in.  I have an all day event tomorrow that starts in the morning so I doubt I'll be swimming, running, cycling or gym going.  So this looks like the end of working out for July.  Another month blew by so quickly.


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