Monday Morning Sprint Workout
Wednesday Cycling

The Heat Is On & The Speed Isn't.

The last week or so has been a bit chilly which allowed me to close my sliding door in my room which has helped me sleep a few full nights but now with the heat coming back I've had to reopen my sliding door at night.  Which means a night of interrupted sleep.  First it took me too long to go to bed then was tossing and turning all night waking up several times.  Waking up at 5am meant actually hitting the snooze and getting out of bed at 5:15.  I say out of bed as I just couldn't wake up.  I took some extra caffeine hoping that would help once I got in the water.  I will admit that I did have a very short rally in the midst of workout but that didn't last.  Several times I wanted to give up and just leave practice but I stayed in for everything but the very last broken 200. 

Warm Up



6x50's odds free swim on 45 / evens stroke drill on ?? (300)

6x100's odds free swim on 1:20 / evens stroke (25 drill / 75 swim) on 1:40 (600/900/1300)


6x50's kick on 55 (3 butterfly on your back / 3 choice) I pretty much missed the intervals and did them on 60. (300/1600)

400 Pull (300 breathing by 50 3/5/3/7/3/5) and 100 build) I was pretty much dying with no speed at all.  I really wanted to leave at this point.  Still felt like I was sleep swimming.  Also I was hoping for a stroke set so I could take it easy. (400/2000)

Main Set:  Freestyle

4x100's on 1:15 (400)

100 easy on 1:25 (100/500)

4x75's on 55 (300/800)

100 easy on 1:25 (100/900)

4x50's on 35 (200/1100)

100 easy on 1:25 (100/1200)

4x25's on 20 (I think) (100/1300)

100 easy on 1:25 (100/1400/3400)

then I got out.  up next was a broken 200 by 50's for time.  My reasoning was three fold as 1.  when the hell do i swim less then a 400 at a meet?  2.  i was tire.  3.  i really didn't want everyone to watch me get my ass kicked by everyone as we were all racing in Untitled22 groups.  Yeah, my ego got me.  During the main set I started to rally during the 75's then we had the 100 easy and I lost my pacing and just didn't recover.  Overall the workout was 3,400 yards and I am waking up, finally. 

On the flip side I did cycle to and from the pool.  Yeah it was a slow easy ride but it's more cardio.  Hopefully tomorrow morning I'll be able to rally and get in a run and some gym time.  I took yesterday off thinking my elbow is still a bit sore so a day off would be good.  It was as my elbow only bothered me in the pulling.  As for the running I have no excuse for not running yesterday except for laziness!


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