Monday Morning Blah Workout
Cycling, Running and Weight Training

Wednesday Morning Sleep Swimming

Grrr...last night I fell asleep in bed watching tv sometime after 9pm and then woke up around 1am by the noise of drunken people in the alley behind my apartment building.  I tossed and turned and maybe got an hour of sleep in after that.  When 5am rolled around I got out of bed and got ready to go swimming.  I don't know why but when my insomnia strikes I'm so hungry when I wake up so I had a quick light snack before swim.

Warm Up:

It was 10 minutes but with my stopping and going I did a 400 mixed.

Warm Up Set:

3 Rounds -

100 Kick 2 mins

75 IM drill on 1:20 I think

50 Free swim on some interval

25 kick  (750/1150)

More Warming Up:

300 Pull breath control then rest 20 seconds and then

6x50's on 55 Switch Ups fly/back, back/breast, breast/free (600/1750)

Main Set:

Three Rounds

200 Free on 2:40 just swimming to make interval

2x100's FAST Free on 1:25

100 Stroke on 1:40 just swimming to make interval

2x50's FAST Stroke on 55

No rest in between rounds.  I did backstroke for my stroke since when I was swimming fly earlier my elbow was hurting.  Figured no need to kill myself.  The 200's free I took nice and easy and was coming in around the 2:30 mark.  The 100's I did like 1:11's for the first round, 2:09's for the second and back to 1:11's for the third.  The third round in general was my slowest as I just didn't have speed left.  The tank was empty!  (1800/3550)

There was one last 300 warm down pull breath control but I decided to get out.  Between my shoulder and elbow pain I felt that was the safest bet.  But 3,550 yards is a good workout.  Plus I did cycle to and from the pool for the 4+ miles round trip.  So cardio got done today!  The month is almost over so I got at least one more swim in or maybe two.  As for August I hope to swim but financially I will admit I got to cut back and September looks like no more swimming for a bit.  Hopefully that'll change but it's up in the air.  That also goes for my gym going.  So more running it looks like.  Running and cycling for the time being.  It will be all good.


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