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Yawn. Sleep Swimming

I don't know why but I just woke up tired this morning.  I did get a full night sleep albiet if it was just only 5 hours.  I didn't drink or anything but woke up groggy and tired as if I had a few too many.  Once I got my act together it was time to cycle to the pool.  

Got in the pool and warmed up a 450 or so.  then we started a quick warm up set 4x100's (50 drill / 50 swim) on of each stroke.  So about an 850 warm up.

Then we went into a rather boring main set.

Three Rounds of 4x200's / 1x100 / 4x50's - 

4x200's Freestyle on 2:40.  Rotating a 50 fast from the back of the 200 to the front.  Yawn.  It felt like this short part of the set went on for hours.

100 Freestyle fast on 1:20

4x50's Free on 50.  Each 50 was a bit different.  Rotating some fast swim in each 50.  I find these rotating a 25 fast in 50's and in general pretty boring.  Just the first round of this set just dragged on.  By the time we were done with the 50's I was just no in the mood to swim anymore.

15 seconds rest

4x200's on 2:50.  Now rotating a 50 fast stroke from back to the front while the rest was freestyle.  Did backstroke as my stroke.  Yawn.  Skipped a 50 for a pee break since I couldn't wait anymore.

100 Backstroke on 1:30.  Felt pretty good for this brief bit of the workout.

4x50's Backstroke on 55.  Still feeling pretty good.

15 seconds rest

4x200's on 2:50 still stroke like the previous round but this time I did butterfly.  I swam the butterfly parts but took a pee break and took off the free parts of my last 2x200's.  Since the coach wasn't paying attention to us and I didn't care I just did it.  Most of our lanes either had gotten out or had moved on to relay starts for those going to Gay Games.

100 Fly.  and then the two of us left just warmed down.  I did a 50.

I really was tired which wasn't a good thing.  I just couldn't shake it off this morning and get into gear.  I should have ignored the 50fast/150 technique and just swam the 200's pace.  It was a mind over matter battle this morning and my mind decided to stay at home in bed.  At least I got into some good cardio if not a fast swim.


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